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Atlanta, Georgia based Legal Video Consulting, LLC specializes in legal videography. At LVC, we offer videotaped depositions, trial presentation and consultation services. Each of the videographers at LVC are highly trained and experienced; all videographers have been certified to perform legal video services.

In addition to our professional video services, we also offer consulting services that are focused on marketing legal services, video department implementation and legal video education. We create websites and promotional videos for the legal industry to help our clients build their customer base. We have also installed video departments and trained the personnel at major court reporting firms throughout the country. We round out our consultation services with a video series that seeks to educate aspiring legal videographers on how to get started in legal video. We have been working with attorneys, court reporting firms and legal video students for many years. You can call our office at 404.259.6673 for more information. We can also be reached by email at